Due to the fact that live.com and hotmail wrongly blacklisted this domain, we recommend our users to request moving their account onto our other servers not listed. We tried unsuccesfully to get unlisted BUT we got caught in an endless loop by their robots and nobody seems to read anything at hotmail and live.com

Please request the move as soon as possible.

We are still trying about once a month since September 2014 BUT nobody at hotmail.com or live.com never fixed it, it looks like their free service is really worth the $ spent by its users on it. NOTE: Spam as always be forbiden at Virtual Space International Inc under all our domains as per our policy BECAUSE it create among other things that type of situation.
Spam is strictly forbidden: AUP http://savetimehosting.com/acceptable-use-policy
Formerly at http://www.virtualspaceintl.net/acceptable_use.html
Some domains used for web hosting services: virtualspaceint.net, savetimehosting.net, savetimehosting.com, 911hosting.net, goodprivacy.net, webmasterhosting.net